Do You Know How to Repent?

Do You Know How to Repent?

As true Christians, we know how much God hates sin, and we also should hate sin just as much. We should always be on the look out for our own sin and recognize even the most subtle sin. Even at our best, we can still fall into Satan’s trap of sin and rebellion. When this happens, how should we respond to our failure so that God is honored and we are able to break free of sin’s grasp?

Most of the time we just want to be forgiven of our sin and move on. We really don’t understand how serious sin is, and therefore we tend not to make repentance a priority. To repent means to stop what we are doing and to go in the opposite direction.

When we do sin we must recognize how serious our sin is and how we have offended the God we love so deeply. We must go to Him and desire to be made clean again with Him. Just a simple I’m sorry will not cut it. It must be a desperate desire to come clean to God and want to regain our fellowship with Him.

We must approach God with total humility and brokenness which will have us in the right frame of mind to truly repent. And God will know that our heart is in the right place.

Whenever we are sincerely sorry for what we did wrong and longing to change our ways, God is moved. He sees that we recognize what we did was wrong and that we want to be pure again.

True repentance means we love God more than we love our sin. When He sees this type of devotion, He opens up His arms and welcomes us with His unending grace.

Let each of us pray for a heart of repentance when we have sinned.

Showing Grace and Kindness to All

Showing Grace and Kindness to All

We all want to see justice for those that are guilty, but we often forget that we ourselves are guilty also. But, when it comes to ourselves, we do not see this instead we want mercy and grace even though we may be deserving of the worst punishment there is. We always want a second chance for ourselves.

Never doubt that God is just in His ways, He also is merciful (James 2:13). God wants to give each of us mercy and He offers it to everyone, we just need to accept the gift He is offering. God wants to show mercy and loves each of us so much that He became a man Jesus Christ and died on the cross for our sins. If we accept His gift we no longer have to suffer the consequences of sin. Jesus paid our debt in full, we just have to accept His gift.

Instead of carrying around in our hearts a thirst for vengeance against someone who has wronged us, we should show the same kindness, grace and love that God has shown to us. If we are living for Christ, we are living proof that His grace and kindness can transform a heart of sin into a heart that loves God.

Show God’s grace and kindness to everyone, all men and women are in need of His perfect gift.

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(From William Gurnall’s ‘The Christian In Complete Armour,’ Vol. 2)

Make Your Heart Conform to Truth
Likeness is the ground of love. The carnal heart cannot like truth because it does not resemble truth. How is it possible, then, for an earthly heart to love pure heavenly truth? It is sad when men’s understandings clash with their affections, when judgment and will are so unequally yoked. Truth in the conscience scolding lust in the heart! Like a quarreling couple, they may live together for awhile; but the discontent will soon expel truth as Ahasuerus did Vasthi, and espouse principles which will not cross his heart in its bent for sin. This has parted many men from truth in these licentious days — they cannot sin in peace and keep sound judgment at the same time.
But if the power of truth has transformed you into its own likeness by the renewing of your mind, and made you bear fruit like itself, you will never separate yourself from it. Before this could happen you would have to part with the new nature which the Spirit of God has formed in you. But now there is a new union between you and truth — or between you and Christ — which can never be broken.

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Godly Wisdom

Godly Wisdom

How do we know what Godly wisdom is and if we have it?

In James 3, James sets the standard with eight standards of Godly wisdom: First, godly wisdom is pure. If you are not in Godly wisdom then you are going after worldly wisdom and you will find envy and selfish ambition. With Godly wisdom you will find purity of motive.

Second, Godly wisdom is peaceable.

Third, Godly wisdom is gentle. You can have strength and power, but you have them under control, you do not use them for your own selfish benefit.

Fourth, God’s wisdom is open to reason. This simply means you are willing to listen and you are willing to consider and learn. You must be humble and teachable.

Fifth, Godly wisdom is full of mercy. This means that we not only forgive but we are willing to help those who have wronged us.

Sixth, Godly wisdom is full of good fruit. You cannot create the fruit of the Spirit on your own, you cannot fake it and be real. The Spirit of God lives in each True Christian and helps us to product good fruit as we seek God’s wisdom and direction every moment of every day.

Seventh, God’s wisdom is impartial. If you try to live by your own wisdom (worldly wisdom) you are always trying to please yourself or someone else and therefore cannot be impartial. But living by God’s wisdom you are only pleasing Him. And His way is always the most caring and loving way.

Eighth, God’s wisdom is sincere. It is real and truly concerned and involved.

Godly wisdom is the only wise decision we can make. If you truly want the best then you have no other choice. He is all-wise and knows the past, present and future all as one. To attain Godly wisdom you need to ask God for it and pray, and you must be in His Word each and every day. As you do this you will see your life change and begin to produce the fruit of the Spirit, you will begin to show a life of purity, peace, gentleness and mercy and love. When you begin to see these things in you life you will know that God has granted you His wisdom and you will know that His Word is in you.

Follow God’s Plans Not Your Own

Follow God’s Plans Not Your Own

The will of God, many people have a wrong view of just what the will of God is. Too many Christians do not really want to know or follow the will of God, because they do not want to take the chance that they may have to give up things they love or do things that are difficult, they experience fear! Some even see the will of God as a self-sacrificing event that is not to be enjoyed only endured.

This is a great lie of Satan, that God’s will is not a good thing only one of suffering. God is always on our side and wants only the best for us, but Satan wants us to think the opposite.

The Truth is, God’s plan is perfect and if you truly want the best and to be the happiest then you want the will of God. Yes, the will of God and God’s plan are one in the same. God’s plan is all about His love for us and what is best for us. We must trust that God is God and that He loves us and does want the best for us. If may not always be clear to us as too often we only see through human eyes, but take a step back and try to see things through God’s eyes and trust Him, if you can do this you will get a completely different perspective and what is going on. If may look impossible to us but nothing is impossible for God. In fact God loves the impossible because it leaves no doubt of who is in control. If we do not trust God and follow His perfect plan, we miss out on the blessings He has for us.

The most mature Christians are those who are most dependent on God. Those truly mature Christians are the ones who say to the Lord, “Not my will, but Yours,” and mean it and are happy about it!

In James we see him telling us what sounds like we should just not even plan for anything, we should have no plans for life. Was he saying we should never set goals or plan? Not at all. What James is saying here, do not make plans based on your own selfish desires and then ask God, to bless my plan. Instead, we must take time to pray and diligently prioritize the Lord’s plan over our own, knowing that His ways are better than our own.

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(From William Gurnall’s “The Christian in Complete Armour, Vol. 2)

How Sincerity Covers the Saint’s Uncomeliness

Pardoning mercy eagerly embraces sincerity. Christ is the One who covers our failures and sins, but He throws His garment of righteousness only over the sincere soul: ‘Blessed is he…whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity.’ Everyone likes to believe this, but notice the requirement of receiving this mercy: ‘…in whose spirit there is no guile’ (Ps 32:1,2). Thus Christ’s righteousness covers the nakedness of our shameful unrighteousness, but faith is the grace which puts this garment on.
God approves of the sincere man as holy and righteous even though he is not totally free of sin. And just as God does not mistake the saint’s sin for sincerity, neither does He unsaint him for it. For instance, Scripture recorded that Job fell into the pit of sin, but God saw sincerity mixed with his transgression and judged him perfect.
Sincerity does not blind God so He cannot see the saint’s sin, but makes Him consider it with compassion instead of with anger. This is like a husband who knows his wife is faithful to him so he pities her weaknesses and cherishes her as a good wife. ‘In all this,’ God said, ‘Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly’ (Job 1:22). And at the end of the combat God brought Job through with the favorable testimony that His servant had ‘spoken of me the thing that is right’ (Job 42:7). Job saw his own earnestness dashed with failures, and this made him confess his sin rather than presume upon God’s mercy. But God saw the sincerity.
The Father’s mercy for us is much greater than our love for ourselves, however. The prodigal son — a symbol of the convert — did not dare ask his father for shoes, much less for a ring. His request reached no higher than for lowly servanthood. He never conceived of such a meeting with his father at first sight. And he might have expected him to come after him with a rod or a rope instead of a robe.
Even if the father had met his wayward son with harsh words and whippings before taking him back, this arrangement would have been good news to the prodigal in his starving condition. But even as God has strange punishments for the wicked, He has strange expressions of love and mercy for a sincere son. He delights to outdo the highest expectations and kiss, robe, and feast all at once and on the day of His child’s return.

I’m going to let this powerful passage just speak for itself today. God bless you, and may you enjoy the truth that William has written into this book today. With Jesus, we have hope.

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