Key’s to the Kingdom

Key’s to the Kingdom

Let me make something very clear here, it is vitally important for the Christian to be able to look into the mirror and evaluate themselves.  This test is not just for someone who does not claim to be a Christian it is just as important for someone who does call themselves a Christian. Why is that, well it is because you as a true Christian should always be evaluating yourself to make sure you are following God’s will not your own!  And even more important to make sure you are a true Christian!

Just a few statistics here.  Some of these are going to be hard for people to hear and admit.  49 percent of people professing to be Born Again Christians believed that living with someone of the opposite sex without being married was morally okay. It is not!  49 percent were comfortable with enjoying sexual thoughts about someone.  Jesus said that whoever looks with lust has already committed adultery in their heart (Matthew 5:27-28). 33 percent thought it was okay to have an abortion (watch 180 video).    Even worse 30 percent of pastors had viewed Internet porn in the last 30 days!  41 percent believe that “the Bible, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon are all different expressions of the same spiritual truths. They are not!

So just because you call yourself a Christian, do not be fooled, make sure you are a Born Again Christian, your eternal life depends on it!

Do not fool yourself into thinking that God is so loving that He will never send anyone to Hell.  He is loving but He is also just and hates sin.  If He is good, then there must be judgment.  There is good news with this, let’s take the test:

First ask yourself if there is a Heaven would you be good enough to get there?

I know there are some of you who do not believe there is a Heaven, but for this discussion let’s just say that there is!

Let us look at the Law of God (the Ten Commandments) to see if you are?

Have you ever told a lie?  Answer truthfully, it’s just you taking the test.

Of course you have, your human right? So, what do you call someone if they tell lies?

They are a liar.

Have you ever stolen anything, no matter its value?

What do you call someone who steals?  A thief.

Have you ever used God’s name in vain?

This is very serious and most people do this without any thought. This is blasphemy.

Jesus said that if you look with lust you have already committed adultery in your heart, have you ever looked with lust?

If you have been truthful in answering then your guilty of all those and in God’s eyes you’re a lying, thieving, blasphemes adulterer at heart!

That’s just 4 of the Ten Commandments, if God uses this to judge you on judgment day will you be innocent or guilty?  Guilty of course, if you feel otherwise then you are not being truthful with yourself. I beg you please at least be truthful with yourself!

If you’re guilty then the question is

Heaven or Hell?

If you’re thinking Heaven, God will forgive me because I have done a lot of good things, think again.

Let’s look at that in a court of law.  You are guilty of severe crimes and all the evidence has shown you are guilty, the judge is going to pronounce sentence and asks you if you have anything to say; you say yes judge I know you are really a good judge and I’ve been really good since I did these things and I am really sorry and I won’t do them again, so I know you will forgive me and let me go.

If the judge is good and not corrupt, the judge will say, your right I am a good judge and you should be sorry for what you have done, I think it is good that you have done some good but it has no bearing on my sentencing.

So your answer?


Does that concern you?  I hope it does because it should, you do not want to go to Hell, and I don’t know you but I don’t want you to go there either!

Hell is not some great party where you will be with your friends and be able to do all the bad things you want, Hell is a place separate from God, where there is no friendship, no color no light, nothing that you call comforting or for that matter anything you like will not be there.

Did you know that God does not want you to go to Hell, and He provided a way so you don’t have to.  Do you know what that is?

Two thousand years ago God became a man, Jesus Christ and took your sins upon himself and died on the cross to pay for those sins.

Because He did that God can now legally dismiss your case.

God offers this to anyone as a free gift

All you have to do is accept it, do you know how to accept it?

There are a few things you must do.

  1. 1.  Repent, this is just asking God for forgiveness and turning from your sins, stop doing them, we cannot do this on our own but when you do this God will send the Holy Spirit and He will help you to do this.
  2. You must trust in Jesus Christ as your one and only savior, trust in Him with everything, just as you would trust in a parachute if you were jumping out of a plane.
  3. Turn your life over to God and serve Him not yourself.

That’s it!

Just talk to God as you would talk to a close friend.

Here are a few more test questions for those of you who feel you are a Christian:

When was the last time you read your Bible?

It should be every day without exception, no excuses!

How often do you pray?

Is it when you need something only?

You should be praying many times per day for the Glory and Worship of God!

Are you attending a good Church every week and are you involved at the church?

How is your demeanor with others?  Do you swear, do you get angry easily, you should have a strong desire to learn all you can about Jesus Christ and the entire Word of God, while having a strong passion for helping others and spreading the Word of God!

Did you pass?

Just be honest with yourself and get right with God.

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John Rudich

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