Michael’s Monday Meditation, 7-27-15

Michael’s Monday Meditation, 7-27-15

From the Leonard Ravenhill book entitled “Meat For Men,” an excerpt very convicting to me, and remember, this book was written in 1961, which you should keep in mind when reading this:

To put it succinctly, the question plaguing me at the moment: “Are we offering too much for too little when we offer men salvation?” The way of the Cross was once a gory road; now it is offered as a glory road. Once the challenge was to take up the cross; now it is to ride a Cadillac and “rough” it smoothly. The offer to men is no longer the lordship of Christ in this life, but the promise of an all-expenses-paid, eternal honeymoon and a “mansion over the hilltop,” with angel attendants and continual hi-fi music from an impeccable, million-voiced choir, world without end. How nice, but how unbiblical!

Now, my brief commentary. Examining my own life, I see how deficient I am in actually taking the command of Jesus to heart, denying myself, and taking up the cross and following Him. Oh, we say we do, but here in 21st century affluent America, how many of us, lay-people and clergy alike, really do this? I cannot speak for others, but I know the conflict I see within myself, and how often times I do MY will rather than HIS will, and I don’t really deny myself all that much most days. I stand convicted, as I’m sure all of us do, if we are honest with ourselves. My prayer for myself and for all of us who call Jesus our Savior, is that we would, daily, learn, through the power of Holy Spirit within, begin to die to ourselves, fully admit our weakness, seek His will in earnest, and then, with strength from God, do it.

Michael S.


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