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                                                    Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus, why is it essential for us to be aware of? We are living at a time of faith based pluralism and ethical relativism. The most popular religious viewpoint, is that all spiritual belief systems, so long as heart-felt, are the same. Select one and abide by it genuinely, and you’ll reach Heaven. That’s exactly what the world thinks, but Jesus teaches otherwise  The solutions are located in the  Holy bible , the historical proof individuals have trusted for more than 2000 years.

So once again who is Jesus?  Our response to this determines our everlasting destiny.  This really is no small question, since it was because of this question that Jesus was crucified.  The objective of this information is not to provide an argument showing His existence, because there is far more evidence that Jesus lived than you can find that Julius Caesar existed.  Only a bigot would claim that Jesus didn’t really exist.  The question for you is not His existence but instead who He is.

But who is Jesus  really ? It is only reasonable to allow him to talk for himself. Jesus never authored his personal writings, but he taught every single day in public places, and many of his associates composed most of what he trained. The things they documented are our most dependable accounts of what Jesus truly had to say of himself.

Who is Jesus Christ? That is the most essential question that’s been asked in the history of the entire world.  Jesus was born roughly 2,000 years ago. He resided in a tiny outlying village. He grew up with a youthful mom who was most likely a teenager at his birth. His dad was a carpenter. Furthermore, Jesus experienced siblings. For the initial 3 decades of his life, he was living in relative obscurity.
In the end the ultimate simple truth is that Jesus was and is God!


Where do you go when you need to find answers to life’s tough questions?  How do you know what is right and what is wrong?  What do you do when you have questions, you need truth and you want answers?  Simple, just come to my blog and read the postings and check out the entire website for even more in-depth answers.  Questions, Answers, Truth!  This blog site will be the spot for what we will call our lessons,  our goal will be to post a few times each week  on different subjects.  We will post on subjects such as God, Jesus, the Bible, Prophesy, science and creation along with all the different religions of the world. 

This site is designed for everyone.  For those who are seeking answers to life’s questions of who we are, is there a God.  For those who are Christian and have questions about Christianity, how to answer objections, how to share the truth with friends, family or anyone.  For those of other religions that are curious about the comparisons of their religion and Christianity.  And much, much more!

Do not just discount the things you do not agree with.  Everything on this blog and the entire website has been researched and is verifiable, you can do your own research and find this to be true.  But do not just discard something simply because you do not like it!

This information can be some of the most important information you will read and it can lead to the most important choice you could ever make.

This website in general will address the myths of the Bible, the false teachings of modern Christianity, Creation, Science, Judgment, Heaven, Hell and Salvation.  So please keep up with our blog but also please search through the entire website, I think you will find some very valuable information.

This blog or website is not designed to talk you into anything, the truth is that you must make this decision on your own, this blog and website are only here to provide you with TRUTH, so you can make an informed decision.

So take some time and look through the entire site, and keep coming back to read the blog posts!

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