Focus on God

Focus on God

In life there is one thing that is always consistent in everyone who succeeds, from sports to business to life in general and that is focus. In the Bible we see some great people with great focus such as Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon and many more. They achieved great things and their focus was always on God.

When you lose your focus on your relationship with God you will find yourself slowly slipping into failure, just like keeping your focus firmly fixed on Him can bring some of the greatest victories in life you will ever know. In your most desperate and weakest moments, ask yourself if you are focused on God or on your situation. Whenever we lose our focus, failure is waiting close by to jump in and lead us down the wrong path. Worrying when things go wrong shows that you have lost focus and confidence in the One who is in control of all things. At this point if we are not careful our confidence in God can vanish when we try to solve our own problems apart from Him.

Keeping our focus on the Lord keeps us from repeating past failures and leads us down the path of the best plan for our life. As we realize that He is the One who leads us through impossible situations, we rely less and less upon our own strength and more on His.

Trusting Him for direction and confidently following His lead are marks of a true Christian. One with a personal relationship with God.

Make sure you have that relationship and put in the time to develop that relationship by reading you Bible and praying daily!


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