Learn to Lean on God

Learn to Lean on God

In today’s society, people always want to blame the other person and not take responsibility for their own actions. While people in our society love to forgive they seldom forget, they love to appear to be showing grace but they cannot associate how grace and consequences for our actions can live together. If you have this kind of attitude it is a type of attitude that will slow or stop your relationship with God.

God is a God of grace and judgment. He sacrificed His only Son for the forgiveness of our sins. This was the clearest action of mercy, grace and judgment that has ever been displayed. Jesus’ death was the consequence of our sin. The consequences of sin are not dismissed simply because grace is endowed upon us.

The question is, do we really think we need to confess our sins?

If we intend to experience an intimate relationship with God, we must confess our sins to God and ask for His forgiveness. Whenever we turn to Christ, He is there for us, even if we think He is not.

A true Christian knows when to lean on God, and that time is always! We cannot overcome the sin in our lives on our own. Only the Holy Spirit can do this, but we must be willing to put the effort out and really want it.

When we are diligent to confess our sins and accept responsibility for our actions, God is faithful to respond and lovingly restore us to wholeness.


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