Do Things God’s Way Not Your Own

Do Things God’s Way Not Your Own

When we pray, how often do we expect an answer right away? For most, that is the norm. What we need to realize is that even after we pray there may be a time of waiting and sometimes that can even be years. We need to be patient and wait upon the Lord. Our first instinct is to try to push for a result, by trying to make things happen on our own. If we do this we can miss His blessing and the answer to our prayer. Our other response is to just give up. If we do this we can miss out on seeing how His perfect plan is revealed and our prayer is answered. We must know that God’s plan is perfect, our plan is flawed, trust in Him and make sure He is at the center of your life. Do things His way and trust Him!

If you do this you will encounter resistance from the enemy. Satan wants to cause you pain, he will try to make you doubt God, doubt His plan, he wants you to feel disappointment and to feel like giving up.

David had a fear of the Lord. His fear was one of wanting to serve and honor God with purity and integrity. To do this we must trust and do things God’s way. Notice, this is not most people think of then they hear the word fear. This is what is meant when you hear “fear the Lord”. For the true Christian it is not a fear of being terrified, it is one of love for God, and wanting to please Him and follow His plan.

In order to live a life that honors God, we must not only put God at the center of our lives, we also must be committed to doing things God’s way. Too often, we make the mistake of trying to get God to go along with our plans instead of taking the time to find out His plan for our lives.

A healthy fear of God motivates us to change the way we live our lives so that we honor Him all the more. When we realize that we are doing God’s work, but not the way He wants us to do it, we should immediately stop and seek His will for our lives.

Be willing to change your path if necessary in order to please the Lord.

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