Do You Know How to Repent?

Do You Know How to Repent?

As true Christians, we know how much God hates sin, and we also should hate sin just as much. We should always be on the look out for our own sin and recognize even the most subtle sin. Even at our best, we can still fall into Satan’s trap of sin and rebellion. When this happens, how should we respond to our failure so that God is honored and we are able to break free of sin’s grasp?

Most of the time we just want to be forgiven of our sin and move on. We really don’t understand how serious sin is, and therefore we tend not to make repentance a priority. To repent means to stop what we are doing and to go in the opposite direction.

When we do sin we must recognize how serious our sin is and how we have offended the God we love so deeply. We must go to Him and desire to be made clean again with Him. Just a simple I’m sorry will not cut it. It must be a desperate desire to come clean to God and want to regain our fellowship with Him.

We must approach God with total humility and brokenness which will have us in the right frame of mind to truly repent. And God will know that our heart is in the right place.

Whenever we are sincerely sorry for what we did wrong and longing to change our ways, God is moved. He sees that we recognize what we did was wrong and that we want to be pure again.

True repentance means we love God more than we love our sin. When He sees this type of devotion, He opens up His arms and welcomes us with His unending grace.

Let each of us pray for a heart of repentance when we have sinned.

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