Michael’s Monday Meditations


(From William Gurnall’s ‘The Christian In Complete Armour,’ Vol. 2)

Make Your Heart Conform to Truth
Likeness is the ground of love. The carnal heart cannot like truth because it does not resemble truth. How is it possible, then, for an earthly heart to love pure heavenly truth? It is sad when men’s understandings clash with their affections, when judgment and will are so unequally yoked. Truth in the conscience scolding lust in the heart! Like a quarreling couple, they may live together for awhile; but the discontent will soon expel truth as Ahasuerus did Vasthi, and espouse principles which will not cross his heart in its bent for sin. This has parted many men from truth in these licentious days — they cannot sin in peace and keep sound judgment at the same time.
But if the power of truth has transformed you into its own likeness by the renewing of your mind, and made you bear fruit like itself, you will never separate yourself from it. Before this could happen you would have to part with the new nature which the Spirit of God has formed in you. But now there is a new union between you and truth — or between you and Christ — which can never be broken.

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