Godly Wisdom

Godly Wisdom

How do we know what Godly wisdom is and if we have it?

In James 3, James sets the standard with eight standards of Godly wisdom: First, godly wisdom is pure. If you are not in Godly wisdom then you are going after worldly wisdom and you will find envy and selfish ambition. With Godly wisdom you will find purity of motive.

Second, Godly wisdom is peaceable.

Third, Godly wisdom is gentle. You can have strength and power, but you have them under control, you do not use them for your own selfish benefit.

Fourth, God’s wisdom is open to reason. This simply means you are willing to listen and you are willing to consider and learn. You must be humble and teachable.

Fifth, Godly wisdom is full of mercy. This means that we not only forgive but we are willing to help those who have wronged us.

Sixth, Godly wisdom is full of good fruit. You cannot create the fruit of the Spirit on your own, you cannot fake it and be real. The Spirit of God lives in each True Christian and helps us to product good fruit as we seek God’s wisdom and direction every moment of every day.

Seventh, God’s wisdom is impartial. If you try to live by your own wisdom (worldly wisdom) you are always trying to please yourself or someone else and therefore cannot be impartial. But living by God’s wisdom you are only pleasing Him. And His way is always the most caring and loving way.

Eighth, God’s wisdom is sincere. It is real and truly concerned and involved.

Godly wisdom is the only wise decision we can make. If you truly want the best then you have no other choice. He is all-wise and knows the past, present and future all as one. To attain Godly wisdom you need to ask God for it and pray, and you must be in His Word each and every day. As you do this you will see your life change and begin to produce the fruit of the Spirit, you will begin to show a life of purity, peace, gentleness and mercy and love. When you begin to see these things in you life you will know that God has granted you His wisdom and you will know that His Word is in you.

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