Follow God’s Plans Not Your Own

Follow God’s Plans Not Your Own

The will of God, many people have a wrong view of just what the will of God is. Too many Christians do not really want to know or follow the will of God, because they do not want to take the chance that they may have to give up things they love or do things that are difficult, they experience fear! Some even see the will of God as a self-sacrificing event that is not to be enjoyed only endured.

This is a great lie of Satan, that God’s will is not a good thing only one of suffering. God is always on our side and wants only the best for us, but Satan wants us to think the opposite.

The Truth is, God’s plan is perfect and if you truly want the best and to be the happiest then you want the will of God. Yes, the will of God and God’s plan are one in the same. God’s plan is all about His love for us and what is best for us. We must trust that God is God and that He loves us and does want the best for us. If may not always be clear to us as too often we only see through human eyes, but take a step back and try to see things through God’s eyes and trust Him, if you can do this you will get a completely different perspective and what is going on. If may look impossible to us but nothing is impossible for God. In fact God loves the impossible because it leaves no doubt of who is in control. If we do not trust God and follow His perfect plan, we miss out on the blessings He has for us.

The most mature Christians are those who are most dependent on God. Those truly mature Christians are the ones who say to the Lord, “Not my will, but Yours,” and mean it and are happy about it!

In James we see him telling us what sounds like we should just not even plan for anything, we should have no plans for life. Was he saying we should never set goals or plan? Not at all. What James is saying here, do not make plans based on your own selfish desires and then ask God, to bless my plan. Instead, we must take time to pray and diligently prioritize the Lord’s plan over our own, knowing that His ways are better than our own.

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