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Excerpt from William Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armour, Vol II

You must live by your own faith, not someone else’s. Look as long and as hard as necessary to see truth with your own eyes. A building propped up by a neighbor’s house is too weak to stand very long. So do not let authority from man, but rather evidence from the Word, decide your judgment. Man’s conclusions are no stronger than a piece of scrap-wood bracing a building, but truth stands on the eternal foundation of solid rock — God’s Word!

Quote scripture instead of man. Yet in doing this, be careful not to lean so far this way that you lose the proper balance. We must not condemn the judgment of an elder whose wisdom and learning command reverence. Surely God has placed the true path in this matter squarely between defying men and deifying them. Adoration of persons conceives the traitor to truth which makes the crowd cry ‘hosanna’ to error and ‘crucify’ to truth. Herod’s silver robe dazzled the eyes of spectators while he made an eloquent oration, but when the flatterers shouted, ‘It is the voice of a god, and not of man, he was eaten of worms immediately (Acts 12:21-23).

The glittering varnish which some speakers use blinds the judgment of their admirers to the point that they conclude their speech is divine in origin. It is hard, then, to love and esteem man as a man, and to reverence him, and not be in danger of loving his errors also. This is why God would have His children call no one father on earth — to despise none and adore none (Matt. 23:9).

Now, my words — friends, consider what Mr. Gurnall implores for us using God’s Word as the baseline — especially with all the hoopla of this past week in Washington DC and elsewhere. How important it is for each one of us to keep God the Father first in our lives and love Him first and foremost, and realize that mortal, fallible man is just that — mortal and fallible — no matter who that man is in the eyes of the world. But God is perfect and infallible! God bless you as you go about your week!

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