The Love of God Never Fails

The Love of God Never Fails

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth as a man the government of His day turned its back on Him.  The Jews repudiated Him.  Those who were at His crucifixion on the cross jeered Him, and His friends followers, who had been with Him for three years of ministry, left Him and ran; going into hiding after His arrest.  Only John followed Him to the cross.

Do not be surprised that Satan is still at work in our world, seeking to deceive and to draw men and women away from the only One who can provide the hope they so desperately need.

Rejecting Jesus can be a subtle slow thing.  Someone who is a “good” person may say, “I am a Christian because I was raised in a Christian family, but I just don’t want to get too serious about church or the Bible.”  Another person may mistakenly believe he can live any way he chooses, and God will still save his soul.  God is not the one who condemns us.  We are the ones who condemn ourselves when we reject God’s love and gift of salvation, we are saying that we do not want God in our life’s and in the end God grants us our final prayer, and that is total separation from Him.

Don’t forget God want none to perish but He wants everyone to come to Him, when we are sinning against God, Jesus remains faithful.  When we yield to temptation, He continues to love us, and when we seek His forgiveness, He becomes our strong advocate of mercy and grace before the throne of God.

God is your dearest friend, your father, your Lord, Your Master, your savior, the one and only true God. The One who will never abandon you.  At the cross, He died for you, knowing that He was your only hope for Truth and eternal life.

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